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Conditii de inchiriere


Is the client's responsability to carefully read and agree with the terms below by signing the contract.

In order to rent a car from us, you'll have to be at least 21 years old and have a driver's license for at least 1 year.
For drivers between 21-25 years of age a security deposit increased by 100% is required.

Valid national/international driver's license, passport and ID.

Payment is to be made in cash, in RON, at the B.N.R + 1% exchange rates from the day of the cash payment or wire transfer.
Before you can take over the car, you will have to pay for the entire period (in advance) and a SECURITY DEPOSIT OF 150-400 EURO IN CASH OR WITH A BANK CARD (the same for all cars). This amount will be returned to you once you deliver the car back to us, in the same condition you received it.

Prices are in EURO/day and they have included in the price full CASCO (including national theft),
and a 300 km/day limit. Exceeding this limit will result in an overcharge of 0.1 EURO/km. The minimum rent period is 24 hours, and we accept a 2 hour maximum delay in delivery. After this period you will be charged for another day of services.
The warranty deposit needed according to the price chart wil be made ONLY WITH A CREDIT CARD.

If you wish to pick up or return a car after the programme (Saturday from 1400 till Monday 800) is charged at
10 € + VAT.
If you happen to loose the keys or papers of the car, you will be charged 100 € + VAT.

Renting of a car includes FULL CASCO (covering accidents and national theft). The client is responable for all damages if these were caused by:
a). Driving the car under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
b). Not allowing the police to test for your alcohol level;
c). Using the car for any illegal activities (theft, heist, illegal transport of goods or people, etc)
d). If the car was driven by unauthorized persons (under the age limit, undeclared and not nominated in the rent a car contract, etc);
e). If the keys and papers of the car were left in the vehicule in the moment of the theft;
f). Undeclaring the accident to the police, in order to receive the official report (in which the alcohol level of the driver is specified), as well as the repair authorization.
in any case mentioned above (letters a.b.c.d.e.f.), the client is forced to pay the damages in full.

The car is handed over to the client with a full gas tank and in exceptional order, and the client has to return the vehicule in the same order.
The car can be delivered (and returned) to any city, for an extra charge of 0.33EUR/km.
The client does NOT have the right to make repairs of the broken vehicule, but instead is obligated to call the office from where he/she rented the car. We will make arrangements and repair or replace the car for you. The brand of the tires will be checked at the pick up and return of the car. The cient does NOT have the right to change them. If the tires do not match the once the client picked up, he will have to pay them in full according to their list value.

All cars are equipped with:
car keys, papers, radio-cassette player, spare tire, winch, triangle, fire extinguisher and fluorescent vest.

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